Our story starts before statehood, when the Perry family moved into what would become
    southeastern Oklahoma and started raising cattle in the Kiamichi mountains, where Alton Perry
    was born.

      Alton went to Stillwater to earn a degree at Oklahoma A & M. After finishing school he moved to
    Marlow to become an their first ag teacher and met a young school teacher named Mildred
    Fedler. They had a son, Dave, and a daughter, Ann. Alton became  the County Extension Agent
    for Garvin County in the late 40's. In 1950, Alton and Mildred Perry purchased the first parcel of
    land south of Pauls Valley, that would start what is today Perry Ranch. Over time, they continued
    adding to that beginning piece of land. In 1975, with the encouragement of Dave, Alton bought
    our first Brangus bull. After seeing the results of that bull, they made the decision to transition
    the bull battery to Brangus because of the calving ease combined with the growth.

      Dave was raised in the Pauls Valley area, showing Herefords and tending chores on the family
    ranch. After high school he served in the United States Marine Corps and then returned home to
    go to school. While at North Texas State University, he met Dicy Biggar. Their dates consisted of
    working cows and clearing land. They found time to go a few cattle sales and became excited
    about Brangus. Dave and Dicy had two sons, Frank and Ed. Dave and Dicy began adding land
    to the family ranch in 1980. In 1997 Dave and Dicy, with the encouragement of Frank, started the
    registered Brangus herd to raise their own style of bulls. Dave retired from an oilfield supply
    company which builds and markets vacuum equipment for liquid waste disposal. Dicy is a vice
    president for a major consulting firm, travelling all across the US to help build computer systems
    for child welfare departments.

      Frank grew up working weekends on the family ranch. Once the work was done, he enjoyed
    hunting with his dad and brother and fishing with his granddad. After high school he followed in
    his father's footsteps, serving in the Marine Corps as an airborne radio operator/loadmaster on
    KC 130's. Frank then went to Oklahoma State University to get a degree in ranch management.
    While finishing school, he started into the registered Brangus business with his parents. After
    school, he moved to the family ranch to build their business full time. They have three children,
    Marin, Ruger and Geneva. Frank has served eight years on the Oklahoma Brangus Association
    board, including two years as president. He also served nine years on the International Brangus
    Breeders Association board, including two years as the chairman of the Commercial Marketing
    Committee, two years as the chairman of the Breed Improvement Committee and one year as the
    Awards Committee chairman. He currently serves as chairman of the Garvin Soil Conservation
    board and is a past president of the Garvin County Cattlemen's Association. Michelle has built a
    successful goat business, Perry Boers. Her most important job is home schooling the kids.

    The Kids  
      Marin  is getting ready to celebrate her sixteenth birthday in October. This past spring she had
    the Grand Champion Doe at the Garvin County Fair as well as making it to sale with her doe at
    OYE. She opted out of the sale to have the opportunity to flush her goat. She showed the
    Champion Doe at the Garvin County Free Fair this fall. Marin's calendar is full this fall going to
    numerous livestock shows and judging contests.
      Ruger turned eleven this past summer. Ruger has several goat projects going on now. He
    made the county premium sale this past spring with his wethers, placing third overall and recently
    exhibited the Reserve Champion Doe at the county fair this fall.   
      Geneva enjoys music, especially playing guitar and piano. She has become a goat whisperer,
    taming all the wild kids and generally spoiling them.
Frank , Alton and Dave
at the calf table
Circa 1980
Ranch History
Front row- Geneva, Michelle, Ruger, Dicy and Dave
Back Row- Marin, Frank and Ed